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We longed for a free life

To spend most of our time
with our family and our children

More about us
Joseph and Vali Specht DXN DiamondsWe have three daughters

Bus driver and nurse, that was our profession, our job. We did not lack anything, but we could not get closer to our dreams.
In 2008 we met the news of the DXN business. At that time the company was not present in Europe, yet we joined. We joined because we also learned that DXN does not prohibit internet use.
We couldn’t imagine success otherwise because we didn’t have an extensive network of relationships.
Only the launch of the DXN business in the online world could succeed.

Of course, that would not have been enough. We had to get to know DXN products to have a credible experience. We have been consuming DXN coffees, dietary supplements and beauty products every day since then.

We, too, were surprised to find out that people on the Internet were contacting us saying that they wanted to join DXN and wanted to consume the DXN products.

Our goal was to make our income multiple of our paychecks

Very soon, after a year of hard work, we received triple pay of the bus driver wage from DXN. So the moment came quickly when we no longer needed our jobs and became free people.

Over the years we have achieved that
our network is the second largest in Europe

Today we spend a lot of time with our family, our children and our grandchildren.

Specht family

As we have gained experience in online networking, we are now looking for new partners among citizens of distant countries using the tools of our days. Thanks to this, consumers and network builders from over 180 countries around the world have joined us.

Not only are we looking for potential DXN customers, but we also have the tools to effectively support their new business start-ups, their first steps towards their own success.

Joseph and Vali Specht DXN Double DiamondsJozsef and Vali Specht
DXN Executive Double Diamond

DXN ID: 0113151167

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