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Recently, during a webinar, Vali talked a lot about fear. If someone missed it, would you explain what you experienced and how you reacted?


Thank you for bringing this up. As I said back then, we think it is very important to point out the reasons that we know about why people could choose DXN. I showed these in relation to Covid-19. These reasons really appeared as fear at the time of the epidemic, but looking back, they can already serve as a reason for anyone to make a decision.

Thank you very much for translating my presentation to English, so this material is available on our Youtube channel in both Hungarian and English.

So,since we weren’t personally involved, our reaction was to try to give as much as possible to people looking for a solution in later times.

Maybe our most significant experience is something that is also a serious confirmation that DXN did not leave the members alone.
The way the company’s management moved every stone so that no one is left without income, without bonus, was something we have never seen before. Even if they had to do it in countries where the service centers had to close due to the restrictions, closing this way the onlyway of purchasing the products. No one was prepared for that. Still, they found a solution.

It was so good to experience that everyone waited patiently for the extra times the company provided for qualifying in the countries where the situation was difficult. Even if this meant that every DXN member received the commission later than usual. However, everyone got a commission and that’s the most important thing.

Also,the way DXN immediately deployed all of its professionals, doctors and ganotherapists, and held a webinars almost every day, was something that never happened before. So the DXN members had the most pieces of information in the world at this time as well.

And the icing on the cake is that every DXN member got an extra discount for the whole year in connection with the 100-points promotion. It’s not common to hear that, when many companies are just trying to survive, when thousands lose their jobs, there is a company that is lowering their prices so that their customers can turn the amounts they save into something else.

And that’s how it happened here in DXN.

Many thanks to Dr. Lim and the management of DXN.

2019-ben a színpadon, Bulgáriában

Which products do you consume now on a daily basis?


There hasn’t been any changes in this either.

  • From the beginning, our family has been consuming the DXN coffee in significant quantities.
  • RG, GL and Spirulina are constant supplements to our diet.
  • We also consume Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps on a daily basis.
  • We use the DXN vinegar for the salads.
  • In the bathroom, the DXN cosmetics are lined up on the shelf.

What we changed was the quantity. We raised the quantity we take for normal maintenance with a few capsules for safety.

Our grandchildren start the day with DXN Cocozhiand line up for Spirulina. Later, at the edge of their mouths, it can be seen that they have done everything they can for prevention.

    What do you expect from the rest of 2020?


    Peace, freedom, sunshine and renewal.

    We want people to feel relieved. We hope that many will look to their future through the experience of the past few months. We also hope that many people will decide that they don’t want that a similar situation put them in a difficult position ever again.


    After we made the decision in 2008, we worked very hard the following year to launch our network. We didn’t have time for anything else then, because in addition to the hours we spent at work, DXN was the only focus for us. It was a planned move for us, every member of the family agreed hoping that we could have a free life later.

    The result of that year of focused work is that we lived the quarantine period so smoothly.

    It was worth it to spend 90 percent of our time on business for a short time. Since then, 10 percent of our time is enough to run our business, and with the other 90 percent we can do what we want.


    We are excited to receive a signal from those who would make a similar decision now because  we are here, DXN is here and their lives will change positively as well.

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