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I read a very deep post on your blog about what your life would be like in the current epidemic situation if you weren’t working with DXN. Can you talk a little bit about this?

Szponzorainkkal, barátainkkal, aa DXN világ leggyorsabb Koronás Követeivel, Laciva és Anikóval egy jutalomutazásonJózsi:

We wrote that post to shout out in the online space. What we expect is that when all the restrictive measures will be over, when the children go to kindergarten, school again, when we can do the shopping at any hour again, maybe there will be people who will think about what happened.

And maybe then some of them will remember having read something from a former bus driver and a former nurse talking about something else.

If we don’t make that very difficult decision in 2008 and join Laci and Anikó Kócsó and through them DXN, we certainly wouldn’t be that calm.

This epidemic period would have been very disturbing for us too.

From our answers to your first question, it is clear that we were able to live our normal lives also in the state of emergency. When we wrote the post, we thought that a similar lifestyle might be of interest to others, and if so, we are ready to help them make the change.

How did you build the business during the time of the lockdowns and restrictions? Has anything changed now that the restrictions are over?


Our field has been the online worldfrom the eginning. We build our network from home. Every minute we spend as business time in front of our computers, we try to spread the word about DXN to a lot of people.

Therefore, in this respect, we also played at home during the restrictions. We didn’t have to change anything.


If the reader is now thinking that he or she sees us at the DXN events and that it is not an online but an offline activity, he is absolutely right. The events are also our “workplace” and there we can meet people who get to know us online, by using the online tools.

There was a change in this area as the events were cancelled, so we didn’t have the opportunity to meet the members of ournetwork in person.I really miss it!

We hope that thestill active restrictions will be soon over and we can meet again.

Since the end of the strict restrictions the change is that we have appoint- ments in our calendar again to personally consult with members of our team who request this from us.

If someone asked you at the time of the restrictions why he or she should work with DXN at that time and why DXN is the best choice, what would have been your answer?


But it would be nice to get questions like this more often!

In the past few months, the focus of people has been on other things. The online forums testified that many were just trying to survive, trying to solve their daily problems.

If we did get a question like that, our answer was the same as the one we’ve talked about so far. We didn’t have to change our lives. We did everything just like before. And our bonus arrived every month.

Consumingthe DXN products has certainly helped a lot in boosting our immune system, it was armed.

Also, DXN’s business opportunity has been providing us with income for more than a decade.

DXN did not stop. The production in Malaysia was continuous, the products arrived. We place the orders online, the couriers bring the packages. In this emergency, there was nothing extraordinary in this areaeither.

So if someone is interested in such a convenience, such stability that DXN provides, it may be a good idea for them to start the business.

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