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DXN Life Magazine Interview
with Joseph and Vali Specht

Vali and Józsi Specht are not new faces to our readers, but this is natural: they are in DXN since 2008 and ifsomeone, then they know how life changing it is and what values the stability given by DXN means. We interviewed them about life and business in the times of Coronavirus.

Good morning! Many people know you and there was an interview with you in the magazine three years ago. If, however, I asked you to introduce yourselves to the new readers, what would you consider the most important thingto say about yourself?

Specht József és Vali DXN EDDJózsi:

I have the interview from three years ago here in front of me and it seems to me that I barely let Vali to speak then. Let it be different now.


 All right!

We are married for thirty-one years now. We had our anniversary just a few days a go. Last year on the thirti- eth, our daughters organized a special surprise celebration for us. It was just a week after we got home from the DXN Incentive Trip from Scandinavia, where we visited the fjords and beautiful towns on board the MSC Meraviglia.

By then, four of our grandchildren (Zoé,Jonatán, Jázmin, and Eliza in her mom’s belly) were also celebrating with our family and friends.

When we started the DXN networking 12years ago, our daughters immediately supported us and helped with literally everything (organizing events, selling tickets, sound effects, etc.). They “worked” with us almost every weekend, sacrificing their little free time.

We shared a goal: let’s be free!!!

They all wanted a big family and actuallythey are getting there…

Recently, they have been talking about it several times that the best investment of their lives, our lives, was the joint “work”, because today we can really take care of the grandchildren as much as we want to. We are free and happy!

In the last few years my husband and I remained alone. Our kids all set off on their own paths and they all had a successful start in life. They regularly talk about the big role we play in their success. Let me quote here one of Tamara’s latest posts:

“… It’s not possible to express it better than Dad did in his video. The important thing is that you are here now in the present, in a life full of so many happy moments, and how much you have learned, how much you know, that you can pass on day by day to your children and grandchildren who all look up to you! Thank you for raising us with such a good example and for being able to see youfull of life and happy for a long time tocome… ”

Családunk: Józsi és Vali, a három lányunk, Olga, Tamara és Sára, Olga férje, Laci, Tamara férje, Benjamin és a négy unoka: Zoé, Jonatán, Jázmin és Liza

Kóccó Lászlóval és Kócsó-Fodor Anikóval a 30. házassági évfordulónkon

Maybe it’s a bit of a long introduction and maybe I haven’ said a word specifically about DXN, but still I’m constantly talking about it. We were aware that we would never achieve this life style with traditional jobs. We were constantly looking for an MLM business that we could do with all our heart.

For us, this is DXN.


Let me add something.  If I’m a bus driver and not a DXN business builder, I couldn’t have afforded to work on building our new house for almost all the past year, leaving almost everything else behind. As you heard from Vali, it’s just the of us now, which exactly is three (the great-grandma also lives with us). The previously comfortable, large house became empty and useless. That’s why westarted an exciting project. The house renovation. I could also say house building, because only the bare walls stood.

There were days when we waited in vain for the professionals, they did notcome. This is not very rare today in Hungary as I heard. And I’m kind of an impatient person so after they didn’t show up a few times I decided to find a solution myself. Then, after successfully completing some of the tasks, I was encouraged.

I turned to my online knowledge and only did what myfriend, Laci Kócsó advises all networkers. I searched Youtube for free tutorial videos about my current task.

And today I am very proud to see wherever I look in our house, I see the work of my hands. There is of course room for improvement, but it is comfortable, it looks as we wanted it to look and just big enough. It even has enough space for all four of our grandchildren.

Undoubtedly, we could only solve all this in this way because DXN provided us with financial  stability in the background.

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