I played a scenario in my mind: how would our life look like in the current state of emergency if the coronavirus pandemic happened in 2008?

Koronavírus járvány – Maradj otthon és használd ki az időt!I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be sent home to work in home office because buses are still driven by real, living bus drivers even if there are many serious experiments of vehicles without drivers.
As a healthcare professional neither Vali could work from home, for sure.

However, our children would have to stay at home as schools are closed.
At home, without supervision because we couldn’t leave them with the grandparents. Unfortunately even back then we had only one grandmother alive, but we are asked not to leave the kids with the grandparents because the elderly are the main potential victims of Covid-19. So who would look after our kids? The dog or the cat?

Then we would arrive home, dead tired after work, hoping that nothing bad happened to the girls and that they have learned everything they had to in the online school. However, I’m wondering how on Earth it would be possible for a second grade, an eighth grade and a high-school graduate by using the only computer that the family possesed. How could three kids comply with their studies alone, without an adult’s supervision? It is a mystery for me.
So after returning home from our workplaces ran-down because of the Coronavirus situation, hoping that we didn’t bring home the infection, we would somehow manage the situation.

But most people are not bus drivers and nurses

Automobile factory workers and office employees, weavers and sports managers can’t attend their workplaces these days because of the emergency state. And their jobs that before were considered steady ones now seem unsteady.

So there are people you can’t just send home because without them the hospitals, the police stations, the ambulances would collapse. Our countries’ borders would be left without protection and people would be left without anything to eat in their homes.

However, there are people sent home now, but not to continue doing their jobs in home office but because the factory closed.

How will they survive?
Let’s take another step!

How is it that I, an ex bus driver, am writing a post about this situation? Am I not supposed to be at the steering wheel of a bus?

Because in 2008 we made a decision

Back then, it never would have crossed our minds that on a sunny Spring day they would shut down every school, block every sports event and keep grocery stores open with restrictions. We would have looked in a very strange way at those who envisioned such scenarios.

Back then, neither did our acquaintances understand why on Earth we wanted to start something new, why we changed our coffee. What sense it made to consume coffee and groceries enriched with healing mushrooms.

Even if people around us considered us strange we decided to make a change.

No catastrophe happened yet, at least here in Hungary, but we quit our jobs. I won’t enter into details now, you can find everything on our website.

Jumping forward in time

It’s been years now that we are living an exciting free life. We became grandparents. Our “mushroom” business makes it possible for us to manage our time. So when we are needed we can be at our daughters’ place, take care of our grandchildren and help them in everything. I won’t get into the details because they are not important, but truth is, more and more people envy us because we can live this way. Interesting, no? A decade ago they said we were fools, now they envy us.

Családunk: Józsi és Vali, a három lányunk, Olga, Tamara és Sára, Olga férje, Laci, Tamara férje, Benjamin és a négy unoka: Zoé, Jonatán, Jázmin és Liza

Top row, left to right: Najdek László, Najdekné Specht Olga, Najdek Bianka Zoé, Mészáros Tamara, Mészáros Jázmin Blanka, Mészáros Benjamin. Bottom row, left to right: Specht Sára, Najdek Eliza Abigél, Specht József, Specht Vali, Najdek László Jonatán

As I said, out lifestyle is like this since many years.

And now let’s jump forward to our days!

Coronavirus, quarantine, restrictions, no handshakes, no kisses. It’s preferred to work from home, for everyone. Well, this is interesting too. It’s been a decade for us that we work online from home. We still have acquaintances who say it doesn’t exist. If someone is not going every single day to some sort of a workplace, factory, garage, hospital, whatever it is, is earning money with something illegal in their opinion.
And now it came to light that a lot of people can still get their every day tasks done even without having to sit in a supershiny office in downtown.

How did our life change?
In no way at all!

Our income is not at risk. On the contrary, since now the need for products that boost the immune system is higher, many more consumers are buying our “mushroom” products and in bigger quantities. And we receive the bonus. And bigger turnover means bigger bonus.

We have been consuming the DXN food supplements for 11 years. Recently we have raised the dose. You can never know.

Thank you! We are fine!
It’s not necessary to add anything else

So to summarize, we made our decision when most people thought it was not reasonable. And today we are taking advantage of the “not reasonable” decision we made back then.

Taking a decision like this may seem not reasonable also today, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, when we have to fight for tomorrow.

But in a few years? Do you have an answer?
Think only about yourself! Do not listen to the negative voices!

Think about your future, your children, your grandchildren!
We don’t have to meet in person! We can meet safely online and talk about anything you would like to know.

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Pálma Susanna Krusinszki

Ms. Palma Susanna Krusinski
translated the page from Hungarian to English.


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