In October 2019 the organization
of the Escaping Day began

Three couples, all successful DXN leaders, during a lunch decided to start the year 2020 with a motivational team event

The idea was raised by the Specht couple, Józsi and Vali. The other two couples, Judit Faragóné Keserű and István Faragó, and Csilla Bojtos-Sváb and Zoltán Bojtos are members of the DXN network launched in 2008 by Józsi and Vali Specht.

Faragóné Keserű Judit, Faragó István, Specht Vali, Specht József, Bojtos Zoltán és Bojtos-Sváb Csilla

Faragóné Keserű Judit, Faragó István, Specht Vali, Specht József, Bojtos Zoltán and Bojtos-Sváb Csilla

Within a few days the final date was born and that is where the name came from.

2020 is leap year

(in Hungarian leap is Szökő, and the name of the event ‘Escaping Day’ means ‘Megszökő nap’ coming from the leap year…)

The 29th February, which is only part of the calendars every fourth year, fell on a Saturday, the same day as the organizers scheduled their event. We know that the leap year’s day is not February 29, but our event was a bit referring to that and got called “Escaping Day”.

We wanted to refer to several things with the name:

What only exists once every four years and for one day only, can rightly be called special, different from the usual. We have dreamed Escaping Day so special.

People escape from captivity
  • And what we offer to those who join us is to escape “prison”!
  • Get out of the trap of bills, everyday drudgery, hopelessness, moneylessness, debts and unhealthy lifestyles.

We know that DXN can answer all of these, as we have been enjoying freedom for six years. Obviously not all of us to the same degree yet. But we all desire even higher levels of freedom, so we are not just idle observers, but acting partakers of what we show and what we propose.

At the beginning of the organization, we decided to ask potential participants what they would like to hear, what they would like to learn, what they would like to do at such an event. And we also asked what they didn’t want.

We asked for feedback in our
Facebook groups and online questionnaires

Based on the conclusions to be drawn from the responses, we organized the Escaping Day.
Short, 20-minute lectures on multiple topics, focused on raising awareness of each topic and showing where to find more information for those who are more interested in the topic, and training to learn that specific topic.

We tried to plan longer breaks, because participants indicated that they would like to talk more with other attendees.

Only a few days before Escaping Day was it revealed that Mr. Debya Prakash, DXN‘s Director of International Marketing could be there and have a speech.

Similarly, at the last moments had it become sure that László Kócsó CA, DXN’s European Network Manager will be on stage, too.

So we had to make a decision
and we decided to take shorter breaks

However, we immediately looked at where we could organize an event whose main topic would be getting to know each other and talking. We were thinking of a leisure event. Specht Vali, host of Escaping Day, also announced that on Saturday: on May 30, 2020 a Family Day will be held in a quiet yet central location in Budapest.

We hope that Family Day will replace what we couldn’t accomplish on Escaping Day:

DXN Special Family Day

A DXN Special Családi Nap helyszíne: Aréna CampingThe appearance of the two extra speakers in the program has also attracted the interest of members of other DXN lines. The Escaping Day was originally organized only for the members of the network of József and Vali Specht EDD.

We could not ignore the interest in the sibling lines, and after consulting with our sponsors, László Kócsó and Aniko Kócsó-Fodor, and consulting with the organizers of the Escaping Day, we made a quick decision.

The event had been reclassified as a public event

We also have to say that once again the Kócsó couple played a huge role in the success of our event. Without their support, it would have been harder for Mr. Debya to attend and perform at the event.
On February 28, the day before the event, he arrived in Bratislava after a long, tiring flight. Everyone would have understood if he hadn’t taken another long trip to Budapest the next day and then back to Bratislava.
But the world’s best sponsors got in their car and drove to Bratislava, and brought Mr. Debya, his wife and Ms. Daisy with their comfortable car. And DXN’s European management has managed to take our three guests back to Bratislava in the evening.
So we could put all our energy into organizing the event.

Mr. Debyával, feleségével, Kócsó Lászlóval és Anikóvak valamint Ms. Daisyvel a MegszökőnaponMany thanks to Laci and Aniko!

At the time of writing this post, we have learned that all indoor events of more than 100 people have been banned in Hungary due to the Coronavirus (covid-19). As a result, the DXN event scheduled for April 4 had to be postponed.

One more circumstance, which, though only afterwards, made it justifiable for us to make our event public. We do not know when it will be possible for us to be together again in greater numbers.

Following such a history, on February 29th,
the audience of Escaping Day received a very colorful program

The introductory and conversational parts were not completely missed, thanks to Csilla Bojtos-Sváb SD, who, as the animator of the event, led blocks in which the participants solved interesting tasks in nine smaller groups. And during the group assignments, they had the opportunity to get to know each other and feel the power of the team.

At the end of the event, Zoltán Bojtos SD talked about this, the strength of the team and the importance of team building.
Based on the feedback we see that DXN members have a very strong need for this, team and the community.
The professional conduct of the second half of the afternoon shows how super the team is, which had been organizing and coordinating the Escaping Day. The Bojtos couple and István Faragó GD managed everything without the other organizers.

In addition to the program points already mentioned, participants of the Escaping Day listened to the results of four successful online networkers, Brigitta Deliné Sorger, József Miskolci, István Nagy and Csaba Tóth on their online work in Nigeria. This block was led by József Specht EDD.

Judit Faragóné Keserű GD gave information on the potential of social media in her presentation.
Katalin Harmath gave an insight into the basics of ganotherapy.

It is a tradition to recognize newly qualified
network builders at all our events

That was the case now. We have recently acquired three new Star Agent partners.
Hegedűs Márta, Fekete lászlóné and Dömök Mihályné Kalotai Gabriella.
A new Star Ruby could also be welcomed. Her name’s Leib Irénke.
Lajos Petrányi stepped on stage as the new Star Diamond.

Congratulations to the new qualifiers!
We are very proud of the Faragó couple

Judit and István achieved the Gold Diamond level and are among the four highest level DXN network builders in Hungary.

Faragóné Keserű Judit és Faragó István GDFor many participants of the Escaping Day,
before the end of the event, he had to leave.
This moment requires some explanation:

Mr. Debya, as he came to Budapest, invited the top Hungarian leaders for an introductory meeting. This program started when Escaping Day was not over and many of us were affected. It was not easy to make a decision, but we were really able to leave, because everything was fine without us.

A DXN magyarországi és európai top vezetőivelForty people drank a bottle of Morinzhi
with Mr. Morinzhi before we set off

Huge thanks to

  • Zoli Bojtos and Csilla Bojtos-Sváb
  • András Ábrahám, who provided professional technical background throughout the day
  • Krisztina Pecsornik, Brigitta Deliné Sorger and Kata Harmath, who supported the work of the organizers as the host of the event and did everything they could to succeed
  • Gergő Nagy and Oliver Nagy for video recording
  • Ildikó Nagy and Tibor Szabó for professional badges
  • Csabi Tóth and Berci Nemes for the professional closing and for organizing and arranging the packing
  •  And to everyone we can’t be listed by name right now, but there were many who, if needed, came and helped with anything
Summing up the feedback, we can say that
the Escaping Day was a success

In the current state of affairs, we do not know when to hold a similar event. We will report to you on all of our online channels as soon as a decision is made.

However, we are sure that DXN Special Family Day
will be held on May 30, 2020

As events for up to 500 people can be organized outdoors. We will contact you soon with details of this event.

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