We are online networkers

Our network of 57,000 members is typically built on the Internet.
In ten years, we have become specialists in online networking.
We live in Hungary, in Europe.
We are able to bring people from distant continents
to networking online and to inform anyone
in the world about the DXN business.

DXN is the world’s first and largest Ganoderma grower.

The main strengths of GANODERMA Coffee are excellent effect on reflux,
hypertension and insomnia.
It can be consumed by pregnant and nursing mothers.
By almost everyone who has a problem with traditional coffee.

In 2020, we need to mention the global pandemic

We have very important experiences.
These are mainly positive experiences.
DXN management provided all important information
to DXN members and network builders.
Experts, doctors and ganotherapists were asked to give online lectures.
DXN management also asked us to share our thoughts.

The first video shows Vali’s presentation:

The second video shows Joseph’s presentation

Previously, until 2009, our profession was bus driver and nurse

Our salary was not enough to live a quality life with our three children.
DXN gave us the opportunity.
Today, not only are we earning a high income,
but we are also building a solid income business for our children.
In addition to high income, we’ve traveled the world on DXN gift trips.
This is possible for anyone who does this work.
Watch some videos of the travels.
Would you like to have similar experiences?

Joseph and Vali Specht DXN Executive Double Diamond

DXN ID: 0113151167

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Important news about us

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We communicate only in writing for the sake of clarity

Hungarian is our mother tongue, we do not speak well in other languages. We can translate text messages well. In exceptional cases, we can resolve verbal communication at a pre-arranged time.

We are also available on WhatsApp, but we prefer text messaging

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Email: info@dxnspecial.com

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